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Bennett Reading Group

A group of bloggers has organized a reading group for Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter. It will be hosted by five different blogs; it begins May 23 and runs until June 26. Here’s the schedule I lifted from Philosophy in a … Continue reading

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harman to review bennett

I learned today at Graham Harman’s blog that he will review Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter. Now that’s what I call productive, interdisciplinary dialogue.

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some final remarks on bennett’s vibrant matter

First, it’s nice that Bennett is not afraid to promote a modest degree of anthropomorphism with respect to objects, even if this promotion is simply a rhetorical maneuver. Rhetorically, it lends object a force that they are often denied. It … Continue reading

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the harmanesque in bennett

When I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m finding Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter somewhat reminiscent of the object-oriented philosophy of Graham Harman, I had passages like this in mind: ‘In this assemblage, objects appeared as things, that is, as … Continue reading

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