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A Recent Review of New Trends in (Continental) Metaphysics

The latest issue of┬áCosmos and History includes an article–kind of a survey–of recent developments in continental realism, materialism, and related. Some of what Niemoczynski has to say about the “new” metaphysics in “21st Century Speculative Philosophy” is familiar to anyone … Continue reading

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an ally

There are posts here and here by Larval Subjects that are no doubt attuned to my interest in granting autonomy to objects while at the same time claiming that (sensuous) relationality is constitutive of identity. Indeed, L.S. is an obvious … Continue reading

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rebuilding sensation, pt. 1

This post stands as the first in a series of posts about the concept of sensation. Nothing like a history of the concept of sensation, save Daniel Heller-Roazen’s marvelous┬áThe Inner Touch (Zone 2007), exists. Unless I am mistaken. There is … Continue reading

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