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“Kant’s Questions” Book Series

I just stumbled across the “Kant’s Questions“ book series by Routledge, which has two volumes out and a projected three more for 2015. This is a fantastic idea, and I’m excited to get my hands on the enlightenment volume. Check … Continue reading

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turkey refutes kant

I came across this article via Arts and Letters Daily (I say this to indicate that I don’t regularly read World Affairs Journal). It talks about how the Turks have basically made lying a fundamental element of their everyday lives, … Continue reading

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earning your realism

Recently Crispin Sartwell expressed his sympathies with the Speculative Realism movement. Now, a critic at Minds and Brains has called into question the very legitimacy and ‘maturity’ of SR. Harman replies to the critic here, and I want to echo … Continue reading

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