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‘A History of Habit’ Available Soon

A History of Habit: From Aristotle to Bourdieu will be available in the coming weeks. Amazon says it’s available May 1, but availability might be closer to mid-May. In any case, there’s the cover for it. Adam and I are really … Continue reading

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‘A History of Habit’ Publication Date – May 2013

Lexington Books will publish A History of Habit: From Aristotle to Bourdieu in May. That’s a very quick schedule, and if it sticks I’ll be very happy with how quickly this book got out there once it was accepted at the … Continue reading

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habit book

My colleague Adam Hutchinson and I are in the midst of editing a book of essays on the history of the concept of habit, tentatively bearing the title Automated Action: Essays on Habit from Aristotle to Bourdieu. At this point … Continue reading

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oh, grow up

Education is about growth. Meaning what? The movement is from immaturity to maturity in thinking, analytical skill, problem management, intellectual ability, and so forth. But education is not about the fulfillment of an intellectual destiny, at least not for Dewey. Immaturity … Continue reading

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