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what, then, is a quality?

The question is Peirce’s, from his “The Principles of Phenomenology.” His answer is one I endorse, but I would quibble with him about it is one born out of phenomenology. Against those who would have qualities depend upon the mind … Continue reading

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powers, dispositions (shaviro on molnar)

Steven Shaviro has a thorough post up on George Molnar’s book, Powers. This is great to see, as I think Molnar’s concept of powers, or Mumford’s account of dispositions, has something to offer the SR debates. I’ve drawn on Mumford … Continue reading

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mumford and deleuze

The more I read Mumford’s Dispositions, the more I see affinities with Deleuze’s own philosophy of the actual/virtual. I can’t yet summarize this affinity, but I thought I’d put the idea out there in case anyone knows of any work … Continue reading

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