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plasticity of constitution: rousseau

I’m reading Rousseau’s Emile for the first time. In Book I he discusses the physical constitution of the child and makes myriad recommendations for safeguarding the nature of this constitution. As Dewey will do a couple centuries later, he gives … Continue reading

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oh, grow up

Education is about growth. Meaning what? The movement is from immaturity to maturity in thinking, analytical skill, problem management, intellectual ability, and so forth. But education is not about the fulfillment of an intellectual destiny, at least not for Dewey. Immaturity … Continue reading

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what can a child do?

Be a Spinozist: ‘Children are Spinozists,” Deleuze and Guattari tell us in A Thousand Plateaus. This means, in part, that they tend to apprehend objects as assemblages, rather than as beings whose functions are specifically determined by nature (organic) or … Continue reading

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