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elden on open access and book publishing

In response to a recent post by Graham Harman, Stuart Elden makes some very sound remarks about the economics of making PDFs of books available too soon after publication. He also raises the important question of why print-on-demand and certain e-books are … Continue reading

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I’ve been absent on here for a while. I’m trying to get back to blogging, but sometimes it’s difficult to blog when I’m feeling guilty about not getting too much written. Speaking of, I’m working on a book and waiting … Continue reading

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elden’s ‘the birth of territory’

Stuart Elden has some anecdotal material about getting his new book, The Birth of Territory, accepted at the University of Chicago Press. It’s due out in 2013.

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schliesser on the continental/analytic divide

I found Eric Schliesser’s short critique of a recent piece in the NYT by Gary Gutting to include a number of new ways of conceiving what continental philosophy is up to and why it cannot be easily (or completely) translated … Continue reading

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the slowest contributor

As someone currently involved in a couple of editing projects and at the mercy of referees and reviewers, I’m thinking a lot about deadlines and the failure on the part of academics to meet the deadlines they willingly agree to. … Continue reading

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pathetic readerships and journal articles

The proverbial wisdom is that the great majority of academic journal articles will only be read ‘by a handful of people’. The numbers are there to back up this folk fact. But if only one of those readers–who will, most … Continue reading

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gimme fiction

Over the Thanksgiving break i had the luxury of reading Calvino’s If on a winter’s night a traveler. Marvelous book. I’m now reading DeLillo’s Mao II. Here’s a line from it: Home is a failed idea. People are no longer … Continue reading

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harman on drafts, efficient exposition

I’m in the middle of drafting two book proposals and working on revisions of one of those books. Today I came across some practical advice on just these issues at Object-Oriented Philosophy. You can find Graham discussing  how to turn … Continue reading

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