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also reading now: noe’s ‘action in perception’

Right now I’m halfway through Alva Noe’s Action in Perception. I won’t say much about it, mostly because I think a lot of the conclusions he draws are very close to Merleau-Ponty. That is, if you’ve read MP thoroughly, a … Continue reading

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on schools of thought

Thomas’s comment on my previous post got me thinking about how phenomenology is often cast as a school of thought or a ‘movement’. The same thing can be said about pragmatism, and in many ways (although this may ring as … Continue reading

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another way of framing it

Numerous folks have noted the parallels between phenomenology and pragmatism. This raises the question: What does phenomenology give us that pragmatism cannot? Someone must have answered this question, so I guess I’ll have to track that answer down. If you … Continue reading

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the ambient method

Thinking about method, I’m inclined to say there are three dominant approaches to figuring things out. You can proceed deductively, of course, as Descartes and Spinoza. You can proceed inductively like the empiricists. Or you can proceed adductively, which is … Continue reading

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against phenomenology

This summer I’ll be writing a brief book that will probably be called Against Phenomenology. The title is meant to be provocative, but it is not a wholesale rejection of phenomenology by any means. Instead, by looking at representative passages … Continue reading

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what, then, is a quality?

The question is Peirce’s, from his “The Principles of Phenomenology.” His answer is one I endorse, but I would quibble with him about it is one born out of phenomenology. Against those who would have qualities depend upon the mind … Continue reading

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where’s the new phenomenology of perception?

Several years ago we caught wind of a new translation of Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception, which was undertaken by Sean Kelly. He was blogging about the experience here until the blog went defunct. If I remember correctly, there were some … Continue reading

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was heidegger a phenomenologist?

Can anyone recommend some texts that argue that Heidegger was not a phenomenologist? The claim that he basically takes nothing, or very little, from Husserl and thus is not a Husserlian phenomenologist is common enough. But I’m more interested in … Continue reading

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the meaning of meaning?

Here’s a simple question: If someone were to write that there is ‘inherent meaning’ in nature, what would that mean to you?

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jumped the gun

Morton does make a direct application of ambient poetics to phenomenological prose later on in the second chapter of EwN, specifically the writing of David Abram.

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