Some Upcoming Talks

In February and March I’m giving a handful of talks, one in the US and three abroad. From February 6-13 I’ll be participating in the Winter Philosophy School held in Perm, Russia. This event, whose theme is the ontological turn in contemporary philosophy, is hosted by the Centre for Comparative History and Political Studies, Perm State University, and the Piotrovsky bookshop. The two lectures I’ll give are “Realism and the Limits of Phenomenology” and “On the Ways Toward Speculative Aesthetics.” This will be my first visit to the Russian Federation. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

On February 19 I’ll speak in the “Illuminations” lecture series of the philosophy and literature program at Purdue University. My talk is titled “How to Grow a Democracy: John Dewey on the Plasticity of the Pupil.”

Finally, from March 27-8 I’ll be at Oxford University presenting a paper in the “Phenomenology and Health” symposium hosted by the Oxford Phenomenology Network. This is the Network’s inaugural conference. My paper title is “Embodiment, Disability, and the Norms of Flourishing.”

So, lots of travel this spring semester, but nothing at all to complain about. I better get writing…


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3 Responses to Some Upcoming Talks

  1. dmf says:

    glad to see yer taking up pragmatism, tried for a long time to bring Rorty around to seeing the links to neurophenomenology and neo-pragmatism. some of the Purdue talks:

  2. plasticbodies says:

    Yeah, I’m not as intersted in pragmatism as I am Dewey’s metaphysics. Rorty would hate that, i guess. I like Rorty himself, but seems to me a self-serving commentator. Thanks for the links.

  3. dmf says:

    not sure how meta Dewey really got (and to the degree he did would think it would be a pragmatism if not instrumentalism) and seems to me he was ever working his out of his early Hegel daze and towards what we might now call (after Paul Rabinow and other recent Dewey-ites) an anthropology of the contemporary but be interested to see what you make of it all.

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