Machiavellian Guide to Destroying Public Universities

This article has been making the rounds for a while now, but it’s worth posting again…and again. It’s so right, it’s terrifying how right it is.

This is happening at Slippery Rock University, where I teach.


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Contemporary philosopher.
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5 Responses to Machiavellian Guide to Destroying Public Universities

  1. Nicholas says:

    I just found your blog. Very cool stuff. Slippery Rock is not so far from old Penn State. Where did you get the idea for plastic bodies?

  2. plasticbodies says:

    Thanks. The name of the blog refers to the philosophical concept of plasticity, which I’m working on now. What’s your interest?

  3. Nicholas says:

    Sure, at we are mainly writing about infrastructure and so materiality and plasticity (in all forms and varieties of both terms) often come into play one way or another. I mainly write STS, especially, about the state and mainly using some variant of the actor-network approach (or attitude) toward inquiry. We just got done presenting over the weekend at 4S (Society for the Social Studies of Science) where we oversaw three sessions (chaired, discussed, etc.) on multiplicity.

  4. plasticbodies says:

    Excellent! It’s good to make a connection with you. Your work is certainly something that I’m, at least marginally, engaged with. Especially the STS and ANT stuff. I’ll check out the link you sent. Thanks.

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