Duquesne Adjunct Death

It’s good to see this account of the death of veteran Duquesne University adjunct Margaret Mary Vojtko getting wide circulation on Facebook, New APPS, and even Leiter Reports. She was an amazingly dedicated teacher of French, and I’m lucky to have spent some time with her while a graduate student. It will be interesting to see how Duquesne defends its treatment of her, and the other adjuncts it (and so many other schools) employs without security, healthcare benefits, or fair pay.

[UPDATE: A chaplain from Duquesne briefly responds, HERE. It’s heartening to see that, contrary to the original article, the Duquesne community (note, not the institution in its institutional capacity) offered her housing and “other types of assistance.” This response misses the larger point, or “agenda” as the chaplain calls it: that adjunct conditions are exploitative and the dire needs of Mary Margaret were generated by the institutions she dedicated her life to serving. If the chaplain believes that calling attention to the circumstances surrounding Mary Margaret’s is “exploitive” [sic], then he is just as beholden to the market forces and ideology that today authorize our universities to take advantage of dedicated and passionate teachers.]


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