‘Levinas Unhinged’ Publication Date – June 2013

Zero Books projects that my Levinas Unhinged will appear this June. From what I’ve seen in the past, however, the book is often available earlier than the projected date. You can find the book’s page on the Zero site HERE.


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7 Responses to ‘Levinas Unhinged’ Publication Date – June 2013

  1. dmfant says:

    it’s on the reading list, congrats

  2. Can’t wait to rediscover Levinas.

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  4. plasticbodies says:

    Yeah, I hope you can. Thanks for reading. I’m hoping this book is a kind of re-entry point for new readers, or even some who want to see Levinas in a different light. Maybe I’m doing something that’s already out there, but I think there’s a lot new in the book.

  5. Les says:

    Reblogged this on Yada Yada pour la Yada and commented:
    I’m looking forward to having a better understanding of Levinas’s darker side.

  6. I’m looking forward to this as well. I can’t stand pious Levinasians and this looks really interesting.

  7. plasticbodies says:

    William, I’d love for you (and everyone else) to pick up a copy. It’s got a different sensibility than lots of the Levinas stuff out there. I’m really glad to learn that it already has some eager readers. Thanks for that.

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