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balloons for public higher education

Today the students, faculty, and staff of Slippery Rock University held a rally on the quad to ¬†express their support of public higher education in Pennsylvania, their solidarity with everyone who struggles to pay for the cost of college, and … Continue reading

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the assault on public higher ed in pennsylvania

The¬†Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a great article about Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s ongoing attack on public higher education. Read it HERE.

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‘why didn’t he just say that’

Today I went back to the comment thread on Eric Schliesser’s post on the continental/analytic divide, which I commented on here. Generally I avoid comments sections because they are often just time-sucking, inefficient ways to have debates. Plus, there are … Continue reading

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governor tom corbett: out of touch with higher ed reality

Post at the APSCUF blog here.

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wolff’s plea for page numbers; or, on e-books

I concur with Jonathan Wolff that academics (and not just us) need page numbers in their e-books if they are going to replace the standard format. If they can put words on a page, why not a number in the … Continue reading

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schliesser on the continental/analytic divide

I found Eric Schliesser’s short critique of a recent piece in the NYT by Gary Gutting to include a number of new ways of conceiving what continental philosophy is up to and why it cannot be easily (or completely) translated … Continue reading

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the slowest contributor

As someone currently involved in a couple of editing projects and at the mercy of referees and reviewers, I’m thinking a lot about deadlines and the failure on the part of academics to meet the deadlines they willingly agree to. … Continue reading

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quick thought on rights and persons

By now we’ve all heard about the attack on ‘religious freedom’ being perpetrated by Obama and his contraception crusade. And we’re starting to hear about how Virginia lawmakers are trying to redefine personhood in just the way that Mississippians failed … Continue reading

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PA Higher Ed Stands to Lose Even More Funding

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), the university system that employs me, is under threat of losing even more funding in the coming year. And this is after already losing a significant portion in 2011. You can read … Continue reading

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