paul livingston interview

There are a number of reasons why the latest New APPS interview with Paul Livingston is worth reading. He speaks about his academic trajectory as well as his teaching experience before landing at New Mexico.


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2 Responses to paul livingston interview

  1. bobbyjgeorge says:

    Interesting comment here:

    “Sure; I’ve been reading Deleuze for ten years, and I still don’t understand this completely (or really, I think, what a “body without organs” is either)! I’m all for exegesis, when it’s helpful. But I think it’s ultimately more important that we see, and face up to, the problems that analytics and continentals both inherit from the twentieth century. And although it may involve certain aspects of innovation and novelty, I don’t think this can be treated simply a matter of what Deleuze and Guattari call the “creation of concepts.” I think continentals often need to learn how to argue, and analytics need to learn how to read critically, but both sides need to learn how to better inherit their largely common history and move forward with the problems that it actually bequeaths to us.”


  2. dmf says:

    I just posted this over at Levi’s as it seemed directly related to his recent work (and maybe to Tmorton on Badiou and inherent/structural contradictions), I of course am in the maligned Rorty camp but think that if there is a “proper” discipline of philosophy to be found/made than it would be along the lines of inquiry drawn here, will be interested to see how folks respond to this (I haven’t had much luck raising any interest in the SR realm for Wittgenstein, tho Graham mentioned him the other day) and look forward to his Heidegger book.

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