phenomenology roundtable

I spent the greater part of this weekend attending and presenting at this year’s meeting of the Phenomenology Roundtable, which was conveniently held at Duquesne. This made my attendance quite effortless. It was my first time participating in the group, which was comprised of a truly hospitable bunch of folks who work in phenomenology and gather to share their works in progress and gather feedback. It provided me with the chance to test out some theses on phenomenological method and, apart from listening to a fascinating bunch of papers, have some great food and informal conversation, which are arguably the best portion of any conference. Much thanks to Erik Garrett (Duquesne University, Communication and Rhetorical Studies) for inviting me.


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3 Responses to phenomenology roundtable

  1. dmf says:

    thanks for the link I wasn’t aware of that org, hope the new papers are up there soon.

  2. dmf says:

    some follow ups and a new paper added to the Dennett-pheno line of inquiry:

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