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A few friends have recently posted links to it on Facebook, so I checked out philosiology. The blog is kept by the partner of a philosopher and is written as a kind of manual for how to get along with your own philosophy spouse/partner/sibling/friend. I like the way it talks about philosophers as though they were exotic creatures or Sea Monkeys without being condescending (a certain Marxist sparring partner of Levi–who will remain nameless and obscure–should take note: this is how you satirize). It’s humorous and kind of informative.


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  1. dmf says:

    yes said nameless one could sadly face having his enduring contribution to the wider conversation to be serving as a kind of negative example (or teacher as T.Morton’s tradition would say with more compassion) let’s hope he comes around to serve as a more consciously constructive contributor/role-model:

    “The essay is organized around a compelling story of how the students in an Ancient Greek Philosophy course responded to an anonymous, belligerent commenter on the blog from outside of the class. The incident brings the pedagogy of cooperative education into sharp relief.”

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