for those dropping in for the first time

Whenever Graham links to my blog, I get tons more traffic than usual. Tonight Levi–in the midst of a post that included a small commentary on Andy Clark’s Being Theremade some flattering comments about my current attempt to rework the concept of sensation into a new branch of Object-Oriented Ontology. Let me first thank Levi for his kindness and encouragement. Let me also welcome anyone who’s navigated their way to my blog for the first time.

You will find some bits of information about my project here, but, despite my intentions when starting this blog, most of my work is still being done the old fashion way: in print, articles, hard texts. Perhaps I will now find the time and desire to work out more of my position here, but it is also likely that interested parties will have to wait a bit for well-defined statements and arguments regarding my, if you will, ‘speculative aesthetics’.

In any event, thanks for checking me out. If I don’t post as prolifically as some of the others associated with OOO, perhaps dropping me a message will provoke me into doing so. You can reach me here:


About plasticbodies

Contemporary philosopher.
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