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the ambient method

Thinking about method, I’m inclined to say there are three dominant approaches to figuring things out. You can proceed deductively, of course, as Descartes and Spinoza. You can proceed inductively like the empiricists. Or you can proceed adductively, which is … Continue reading

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against phenomenology

This summer I’ll be writing a brief book that will probably be called Against Phenomenology. The title is meant to be provocative, but it is not a wholesale rejection of phenomenology by any means. Instead, by looking at representative passages … Continue reading

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morton on art as conspiracy

I hope Tim doesn’t mind me rephrasing him in order to draw a parallel with my previous post. Let me just quote him: you have to wonder whether your poem about global warming is really a hyperobject’s way of distributing itself … Continue reading

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what is an object?

This is a question I’ve begun to answer here and here. It’s certainly a metaphysical question, but one that I am inclined to think about in aesthetic terms. The short answer is this: an object is a conspiracy of sensations … Continue reading

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for those dropping in for the first time

Whenever Graham links to my blog, I get tons more traffic than usual. Tonight Levi–in the midst of a post that included a small commentary on Andy Clark’s Being There—made some flattering comments about my current attempt to rework the … Continue reading

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new book on peirce’s philosophy of nature

A long-time friend of mine, Leon Niemoczynski, has just published a new book on C.S. Peirce and the philosophy of nature. Anyone interested in philosophy of religion, philosophy of nature, process metaphysics, or speculative questions should check out Charles Sanders … Continue reading

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cfp – singularum: volume I

The first volume of Singularum (the new journal I am editing/curating with Bobby George) is devoted to the work of Alphonso Lingis. Interested contributors can find the CFP here. If you are a reader who would not mind spreading the … Continue reading

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Introducing Singularum (journal)

Bobby George (Kingston University) and I are launching a new journal, Singularum. Here’s the prospectus: Singularum operates on the premise that every facet of life yields transformative aesthetic encounters. It thus provides an independent venue for theorizing, transmitting, and staging such … Continue reading

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confirming philosophy’s universal relevance?

Here’s a fun little game to play on Wikipedia. Basically, you search anything at all on Wikipedia. Click on the first link of the description, then repeat this step…eventually it leads to the philosophy entry. And who says philosophy’s a … Continue reading

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entertain me

It’s hard to feel okay about the job market. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. One of the things that hurts is when I apply for a tenure-track job and then find out that that job went to the visiting professor … Continue reading

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