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stephen nadler on wisconsin protests

Check out Stephen Nadler (Wisconsin-Madison) with some reflections on democracy and the ‘insurrection’ in Wisconsin.

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todd may interview

John Protevi interviews Todd May (Clemson) at New APPS.

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what, then, is a quality?

The question is Peirce’s, from his “The Principles of Phenomenology.” His answer is one I endorse, but I would quibble with him about it is one born out of phenomenology. Against those who would have qualities depend upon the mind … Continue reading

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global voices metablog

Trying to keep up with all of the news coming out of Libya, Bahrain, Iran, Egypt, Tunisia…? Hook into the international blog world at Global Voices, which is a helpful metablog that allows you to easily find out what’s going … Continue reading

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powers, dispositions (shaviro on molnar)

Steven Shaviro has a thorough post up on George Molnar’s book, Powers. This is great to see, as I think Molnar’s concept of powers, or Mumford’s account of dispositions, has something to offer the SR debates. I’ve drawn on Mumford … Continue reading

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build a book

Thomas Gokey shows you how to build your own copy of The Speculative Turn. This is beautiful craft. Perhaps the future of the local bookshop will be based on the DIY principle: bring in your own PDF and we’ll either … Continue reading

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dundee idealism conference

The schedule for April’s 21st-Century Idealism Conference at Dundee is here. This should be a great event. I am not attending, but my friend and fellow Duquesne student, Dave Mesing, will be giving a talk on Kierkegaard and politics.  

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protevi interviews morton

At the New APPS blog, Protevi has a nice┬áinterview with Tim Morton. There’s lots of biographical stuff, which I personally love to hear about. Morton speaks about his relationship to SR/OOO as well as writing in the dark, among various … Continue reading

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