apa blizzard

On Sunday I traveled from Pittsburgh to Boston for an interview at the APA. Unfortunately, I went through Washington, D.C. and got stranded until Monday evening. Upon arrival to D.C. I dashed from C terminal to A terminal, attempting to catch the earlier (and very last) plane into Boston. Having arrived at the gate with 6 minutes to spare, the woman at the counter informed me that it would take too long to change my ticket. ‘You know I’m going to get stuck here tonight’, I muttered as I walked away. By the time I arrived back at C terminal, my 2:30pm flight was canceled.

The airline gave me a deep discount at an airport hotel and booked me for a flight out of D.C. at 10pm on Monday. My interview was scheduled for 2pm on Tuesday. With the slim chance of catching a morning flight, I was also put on standby for the 10am Monday. All the morning flights were canceled, but I made it onto the 4:50pm flight, having been slotted at #17 of 129 people on standby. It was nice not to arrive into Boston at midnight.

Some schools and interviewees never made it. Sessions were canceled. According to some, it was a ‘disaster’ APA. The whole thing has provided ample fodder for anyone wishing to see the APA job interview abolished. My interview went as scheduled, and I could not have asked for a better team of interviewers. I felt welcomed and decidedly not like I was under interrogation. My experience at the so-called ‘smoker’ was unexpectedly pleasant and relatively empty of awkwardness. (For anyone not familiar with the ‘smoker’, Google it.) Frustratingly, I saw Peter Gratton from Philosophy in a Time of Error, but was unable to introduce myself, as I would like to have done.

Other positives included time spent with familiar faces, a delightful dinner with a couple of friends from Duquesne, and a few productive chats with academic press representatives. I even bought a book. My hosts, Lauren and Mark, made sure I arrived to and from the conference hotel without any hassle. For now, I will wait to hear again from my interviewers and come up with a suitable gift of gratitude for my hosts.


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2 Responses to apa blizzard

  1. Debadeepta Dey says:

    It will happen Tom. Sooner or later you will prevail either way. That is the will of the mind.

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