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introductions to continental texts

Here’s an observation ┬áin the form of two questions: When did it become the norm that texts in continental philosophy, especially translations, would be accompanied by a lengthy interpretive introductions? Do we like this practice? [Update: I’ll add that I … Continue reading

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raffoul on applied ethics

A point that cannot be made enough: “To understand ethics as an applied discipline forecloses the possibility of raising the indispensable prior question of the ethicality of ethics. The notion of application indeed assumes a ground for ethical precepts’ (Origins … Continue reading

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this season of house

I don’t watch much TV. I don’t have cable, or even the basic channels. Everything I keep up with, mostly House and The Daily Show, I do online. This season of House has thus far failed to really grip me … Continue reading

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raffoul, origins of responsibility

Francois Raffoul of LSU has a new book out called The Origins of Responsibility (Indiana 2010). I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it in this forum, but I’ve always had an attraction to ethics. My attraction stems from a deep … Continue reading

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upcoming reading

Pretty soon here I’ll be reading a couple books that I’m very excited about. Just as soon as I drop a few more applications in the mail. The first is Brett Buchanan’s Onto-Ethologies. The others is Matthew Calarco’s Zoographies, which … Continue reading

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the power of rubrics

Rubrics can seem both superfluous and bureaucratic. On one hand, they are these. On the other, they’re a great way to keep yourself honest and, most importantly, to clarify your expectations to your students, not to mention they provide something … Continue reading

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explosive plasticity?

I’ve recently been thinking about a claim Malabou makes in her brain book. She says that plasticity entails explosiveness, as when we think of C-4 plastic explosives or similar material. The analogy is to the vitality of life, the creative … Continue reading

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speculative aesthetics

As readers of this blog know, I’ve been working on the concept of sensation in phenomenology, particularly the texts of Levinas and Merleau-Ponty. In fact, I’ve got a manuscript complete. At this moment it’s called ‘Plastic Bodies: Rebuilding Sensation After … Continue reading

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whitehead in bed

It happens sometimes that I tire of being upright. Standing, walking, sitting…I have too much. It’s not that I’m ready-to-sleep tired, but just weary of verticality. A few posts ago I asked what books you would like to be reading, … Continue reading

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open season

Well, it’s job season again. The market does not seem any worse than last year, and there are a number of promising jobs for someone who does stuff like me. We’ll see what happens, although I remain cautiously pessimistic. If … Continue reading

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