remaining open

Thanks to Dylan, whose comment on my last post was all the reason I needed to keep this blog open. That said, I’ll probably post something again in a few weeks, or maybe several months. Who knows.


About plasticbodies

Contemporary philosopher.
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3 Responses to remaining open

  1. michael- says:

    don’t do leave for god-sakes (or at least for my sake) – you have one of the most cogent ‘voices’ among the whole SR set!!

    Even if you don’t post all that often, stay in the game! i think having a readership/comments is less important than keeping a presence and contributing when you can. Truly…


  2. plasticbodies says:

    michael, thanks for the praise. if indeed i have one of the most cogent voices, it’s also certainly one of the quietest! i’ll try to weigh in a bit more often on the sr question, too. thanks so much for reading.

  3. michael- says:


    It’s not volume, its quality – and i find even your briefest opinion-oriented posts boil things down to core ideas.

    Truly, do stick with it.

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