shutting down operations?

So, I’m beginning to think that the blog is not really conducive to my philosophical method. Others, I’m sure, have had a similar feeling. It’s difficult for me to read and respond to the blogs I check in on regularly and I am not as consistent with posting as I would like to be. It bothers me when there are weeks upon weeks between posts and substantial posts only come occasionally. I’m thinking of just shutting down this blog.

If anyone has a remedy for my problem, I’d like to hear it. Otherwise, I may just drop my effort and resume at some indeterminate date in the future.


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Contemporary philosopher.
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2 Responses to shutting down operations?

  1. Dylan T. says:

    It’d be a shame to shut it down. Personally, I’d try and dispense with the pressure to post regularly. Maybe you have to ask yourself who you’re writing for? I use my blog for trying out ideas and noddling around, I am less concerned about participating in debates and whatever hot topics are going on elsewhere. Could be a bit insular, but it means I work on my rhythm.

    Anyway – stick with it. Disillusionment with blogging is inevitable and necessary, but it will likely pass.


  2. plasticbodies says:

    Thanks, Dylan. That’s about all I needed to hear to keep me in business. I’ll keep the blog open and, who knows?, perhaps I’ll become more prolific in the future.

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