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ethics puzzle

Yesterday, my health care ethics class was presented with a fictional case. A pregnant woman is in the hospital and requires a blood transfusion. She refuses the transfusion on religious grounds (she’s a Jehovah’s witness). Obviously, one ethical consideration is … Continue reading

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james williams responds to leiter

It’s not completely unfunny that James Williams has posted a comment on Leiter’s post about so-called ‘party line’ continental philosophers. Williams notes that he’s ‘slightly surprised and worried’ about having Dundee included on the list of PLC departments. This is … Continue reading

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leiter continues to pose an obstacle

I’m pretty certain that Brian Leiter’s assessment of philosophy graduate programs remains influential, which is why posts like this hinder the progress of graduates from continental philosophy programs. I’ve posted some comments on Leiter’s page, and won’t recall them here. … Continue reading

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sorry for the delay…

Now I’ve regained internet access at home. I’ve had it for some weeks now, but I’ve been away from blogging trying to get my dissertation ready for defense. In related news, I will defend on Thursday, November 19. I’ve also … Continue reading

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