An “Oh, Yes!” for Continental Philosophy


A new initiative in Scotland, with some thoughts on the future of continental philosophy by James Williams (Dundee).

Originally posted on Daily Nous:

Last month saw the opening of the Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy at the University of Dundee. At their inaugural workshop, James Williams (Dundee) delivered a brief address entitled “Continental Philosophy? Oh, Yes!” In it, he describes the areas and topics he thinks are especially fertile ground for future work in continental philosophy, including economic fairness, new ways of understanding matter and mind alongside specific sciences, the immanent value of the arts, existential guidance, transforming power in and between groups, and what he calls “real theory.”

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Pedigree and the Philosophy Job Market

Way to go, academic philosophers, you’re successfully (still!) reproducing the means of knowledge production!

Helen De Cruz has initiated a very important discussion of the academic job market in philosophy, focusing on the numbers for the 2014-15 hiring season. Her post raises important questions about race, class, and elitism in hiring. The takeaway data:

On the basis of this year’s partial hiring data, Marcus Arvan notes that the majority of tenure track hires (a whopping 88%) are from people of Leiter-ranked programs. Only 12% of hires are from people of unranked programs. Also, 37% of all tenure track hires come from just 5 schools, the Leiter top 5 list – this is amazing if one ponders it, and one may wonder at the direction philosophy is going to, if most of its future tenured workforce comes from just a few select programs.

I’ve been tempted to write a post about my experience on the job market, coming from a working-class background and non-academic family, and earning degrees from “unprestigious” undergraduate and graduate institutions. Class, it seems, is conspicuously invisible in the hiring process, but, just like race and gender, an important determinant in the job hunt. I’ve tried to balance out my pedigree by publishing books, articles, and all the rest of it, as well as by dedicating myself to teaching. To little avail when it comes to the job market. Even the continental department I interviewed with this year ended up hiring someone from Leiter’s top 5 for their opening in continental philosophy.

Watch the comments at Helen’s post for justifications…

Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy

It looks like Pennsylvania is the place to be this summer and fall if you’re interested in discussing continental philosophy. Leon at After Nature has announced that he will be co-organizing the Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy. If it’s anything like last year’s Pittsburgh Summer Symposium, it should be a great event.

Find the announcement, whose details are forthcoming, HERE.