My Talk Last Thursday

This past Thursday I gave a paper titled “From Lived Bodies to Plastic Bodies” in the lecture series organized by the Pittsburgh Continental Philosophy Network, an important and enthusiastic initiative led by Jeremy Northup and J. Leavitt Pearl. The event was also made possible by the generosity of the East End Book Exchange, which hosted the talk. A couple photos of me sitting on a stool can be found HERE.

Thanks to everyone who came out! I look forward to future events.

2014 Pittsburgh Area Philosophy Colloquium

The CFP for this year’s Pittsburgh Area Philosophy Colloquium is now available HERE. In addition to the main program, the PAPC runs several working groups designed for scholars to present and discuss their work in progress. There are working groups in ethics, analytic, history, and continental philosophy. I coordinate the continental group.

If you have something to submit, please do so through the PAPC site.

A Recent Review of New Trends in (Continental) Metaphysics

The latest issue of Cosmos and History includes an article–kind of a survey–of recent developments in continental realism, materialism, and related. Some of what Niemoczynski has to say about the “new” metaphysics in “21st Century Speculative Philosophy” is familiar to anyone who has followed the developments, but he also drops some less familiar names and suggests some new directions for anyone interested in speculative philosophy today. At the very least, the article is a conversation starter for what it does and does not say.

The issue also includes an interview with Iain Hamilton Grant, conducted by Niemoczynski himself.