super white guy committee


Notice anything about the Republican choices? Yes, they have all pledged not to raise taxes to Grover Norquist (who is he, again?) I’m thinking about phenotype here…

Apparently the Republicans are already objecting to the three Democratic picks. And it’s the lone woman they have a problem with. It will be interesting to see if Pelosi continues the homogeneity theme.

philosophical obligations

Leon has linked to an article which explores the question: is God necessary for Whitehead’s system? This raises the question: say you are presented with two metaphysical systems identical save for the fact that one includes God and the other omits God. Are we as philosophers obliged to favor the Godless system?

why philosophy?

So, the other day I agreed to give a talk in October on the question, ‘Why Philosophy?’ This is, of course, something I’ve thought about in the past. But I’ve never strictly delineated an answer to myself, to the extent that I could at this very moment deliver a clear and confident paper on the topic. I thought it might be interesting to, in a sense, ‘crowdsource’ my talk. In the interest of doing so, I’d love to hear from readers about why they think philosophy is a necessary, or at least worthwhile, pursuit. Of course, the risk of cliche and redundancy looms large here. If you have some thoughts, whatever they may be, please pass them along.